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13 Children from Easterseals School Visit "It was a perfect day, like no other!"

On 10/10 a group of 4 to 8 year old children from the easterseals school visited the STAT Ligonier Therapeutic Center. It was sunny and warm, bright blue skies and a slight breeze; yes, it was a perfect day!

Two big school buses pulled into the facility and 13 children emerged with their 1:1 caregivers. Smiles of excitement and hope filled their little faces. My staff and volunteers were excitedly nervous; we'd been planning this day for some time now.

The Easterseals Western and Central PA School program specializes in providing quality individualiezd special education and therapy services to both Early Intervention (EI; ages 3-5) and School Age children (ages 5-8) with autism and multiple disabilities. I thought that this needed to be explained because, as a parent of two boys, one with autism and one with significant medical and multiple disabilities, I NEVER knew that easterseals had (3) school programs! I obviously knew of easterseals... who hasn't? but a school program was news to me. Yes, they have one in Cranberry, one in Pittsburgh, and one in Export. These little cutie pies came in from the Export location. For more information on eastersealsschool programs go to or call Linda Lanham Zeszutek at 412-281-7244.

The best way to describe the day is to simply post pictures. Enjoy!


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