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And so, the magic of this place endures, as new seekers arrive…

In the heart of a hidden valley, called Ligonier Pennsylvania, where the whispering breeze carries the scent of wildflowers and the warm embrace of the sun wraps around all who venture near, lies a place of magic and transformation.

Here, among the horse farms that spread across the Laurel Highlands where Equine Assisted Therapy, Learning and Personal Development weaves its enchanting spell on the souls of those seeking solace and healing.

Meet Lily, a spirited young woman who has lost her way amidst the trials of life's tumultuous journey. Her heart aches with the weight of anxiety and self-doubt, and the shadows of her past loom like dark clouds on the horizon. But as she steps into the sunlit paddock, her gaze meets that of a magnificent creature - a horse named Scarlett.

With a gentle touch, Lily feels a surge of connection, as if she has known Scarlett in another lifetime. The facilitators, compassionate guides in this realm of equine wisdom, encourage her to observe and interact with the horse. The language spoken here is not of words but of emotions and intentions. It's a dance of energies that transcends the boundaries of the human mind.

As Lily brushes Scarlett's sleek coat, she senses a calming energy flowing between them. She realizes that horses reflect back emotions with utmost honesty. There is no room for pretense in this sacred space, only raw authenticity. The gentle nudge of Scatlett nudges Lily to look within, to embrace her vulnerabilities without judgment.

In the weeks that follow, Lily and Scarlett embark on a journey of mutual understanding. Through exercises and challenges, they build a bond based on trust and respect. Together, they navigate obstacle courses, both literal and metaphorical, where fear and self-doubt must be faced head-on. With Scarlett as her steadfast companion, Lily discovers newfound courage, inching closer to her true self with every step.

As she gazes into Scsrlett's soulful eyes, Lily sees her own reflection - the courage she thought she had lost, the resilience that has carried her through dark times. With every stride she takes alongside Scarlett, the weight on her shoulders eases, and her spirit soars.

STAT team members witness the metamorphosis of countless individuals who find healing amidst the embrace of these majestic beings.

STAT providers a place where hearts are mended, spirits lifted, and souls reignited with purpose.

And so, the magic of this place endures, as new seekers arrive, their hearts heavy with burdens, yet hopeful for the light they will find from within and through the simple, gentle nudge of a horse... For in this haven of grace and wisdom, where humans and horses unite, lives are forever changed - one hoofbeat at a time.

Apply today, without fear, without regret. Just get yourself here. I promise, once you pull into the parking lot, you'll already start to feel the pressure drop.

Cat Markosky

Founder & CEO, STAT Inc.

Healing with horsepower since 2007

The herd's stories were etched into the land - tales of triumphs, struggles, and survival. “We see you” they say. "We are the STAT herd. We will help you see yourself more clearly."



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