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Using Horses To Heal
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community centered - outcome focused - for individuals with special needs and emotional challenges     
occupational, speech & physical therapy
STAT serves people with disabilities and mental health challenges by providing unique and beneficial programs and activities. Our innovative programs are designed to enhance a person's abilities, invite learning, and improve overall wellness and quality of life
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Hippotherapy is NOT a horseback riding lesson. It is not considered to be a form of therapeutic or adaptive horseback riding. It is a therapy treatment strategy.  

In fact the patient likely will not be sitting on a saddle, and will not be holding onto the horses reins.  

The patient is working on therapy goals and objectives selected by a licensed occupational, physical or speech therapist.

Approximately 3,000 facilitatory steps of movement are produced in a 20 minute session using Hippotherapy. 

The horse’s walk provides sensory input through movement, which is variable, rhythmic, and repetitive. 

The sensory benefits of equine movement can last for hours or days following as little as 20 minutes of Hippotherapy.