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Buddy and Snickers TherapyHorses
STAT® provides unique and beneficial
H O R S E- P O W E R E D
mental health, physical health
and wellness services.
STAT®'s equine herd is your
prescription for healing.


What a wonderful place! My daughter has been going to STAT Ligonier Therapeutic Center for years. Everyone is so amazing there! She’s had some nice gains with her core strength. She adores the horses and everyone there, so her speech has improved as well! I highly recommend STAT!

Equine Programs for Veterans and Loved Ones 

VA Adaptive Sports Grant-22
STAT Horses at the Ready


STAT® is a trauma informed organization that is honored to provide equine programs with a focus on wellness for the body, mind, and spirit. Our mission is to help you and your loved ones grow stronger, find acceptance with horses, and improve connection and confidence in and out of the saddle!  At STAT®, you belong.

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Number of people served with equine assisted programs


Number of families with children with special needs Served  


Number scholarships awarded for mental health, physical health and recreational services 


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established in 2007

You can do this! Horsepower is at your fingertips.