A Grant from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Launches The Final Construction Phase of the Ligonie

Ligonier, PA -- The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation have provided a fifth year grant for a total of more than $100,000 to help kick start the second and final development phase of the Center’s indoor arena project in Ligonier, PA. The Center opened in August 2016 offering therapy services to include equine-assisted psychotherapy and counseling, physical, occupational and speech therapy for people with physical and mental health challenges.

“Horses are the main element in the treatment plans as they have natural characteristics that facilitate positive emotional and physical changes in humans,” states Catherine Markosky, Owner and Operator of the Ligonier Therapeutic Center and certified Equine Specialist with EAGALA. “A horse won’t judge, they don’t care if you have a past, a zero balance in your bank account, or what your sexuality is… they give you a clean slate and this is what allows every client to work therapeutically through very challenging and often traumatic issues. It’s remarkable.”

The Ligonier Therapeutic Center provides equine-assisted therapies for counseling (called EAGALA) as other outpatient services such as physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy (called Hippotherapy). We also offer outdoor nature programs, walk/talk therapy, and leadership/educational programs. The research backed models of the therapies that STAT uses are many times covered by insurance too. STAT has helped children, adults, couples and families deal with trauma, depression, anxiety, brain injuries, birth injuries, autism, and a large variety of special needs and emotional challenges.

“It becomes difficult to explain to someone how the horses work to change one’s life. You just have to come to the Center and experience it for yourself!” said Mandy Orvosh, MA, LPC, and certified Counselor with EAGALA.

Want to get involved? Call Catherine (724) 593-4742 or email


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