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What About Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)?

EAL is an experiential approach that utilizes horses as co-facilitators,

purposeful activiites in the eductaional process.

Participants actively engage in and reflect upon hands-on activities with horses as well as interactions, connection and behaviors of the horse or horses during a class.

EAL provides opportunities to learn and develop a variety of skills

EAL provides opportunities to develop social and emotional skills

EAL is mostly ground based with optional mounted exercises.

(this is not a horse back riding program or lesson)


Current Donor-Funded Program Modules include:

The EQuine Affect (Adults - Substance Use Disorders) - for indiviudals in recovery - developed through a grant from the State of Pennsylvania Commission for Crime and Delinquency (PCCD).


The EQuine Affect (Veterans and their Families) - for Veterans, Members of the Armed Forces and their Families. 

The EQuine Affect (School Aged Children) - for K-12 Youth (currently full)

mindset focused.

strength based.

Methodologies and curricula developed by STAT Inc. 

The EQuine Affect is an trademarked EAL protocol featured only at the STAT Ligonier Therapeutic Center. 

                                               The EQuine AffectTM Program for Substance Use Disorders (SUD) was developed through a grant from the Pennsylvania Commission of Crime and Delinquency and Paid for with Pennsylvania Taxpayer Dollars (PCCD grant).

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